5 Bedroom Duplex ( Ref Nos: 5016)

5 bedroom duplex

5 bedroom duplex

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  2. Mr Edwin Jackson

    April 8, 2019 at 5:35 pm
    Please what’s the cost of this building?


    Looking forward to your response.

    Many thanks

  3. This is a very wonderful design. I will like to buy this building plan.

    May I have details of the plan, the required size of land in sqft and estimated cost of constructing it (block walls and roofing – excluding interior finishings) please.?

    Kindly send me an email at kolexy@gmx.com


  4. This looks great…Please can i see a plan that can be a semi detached building on a 60by120 plot of land and what it will cost to build it

  5. send me similar plan to my email please. Whats the cost of the plan – in US$? what about the other details in the house – living room, kitchen, etc.

  6. Hai, Email me similar plan since this is custom made. What is the cost of the plan in US dollars?. Email: mzyatama@yahoo.com.

  7. gbemisola olaniran

    Hi I love this, I will appreciate if you can shoot me an email. i want a drawing plan of this. I would like to know the cost and how long it will take. My email is gbemolans@gmail.com. Thank you

    • Hi Gbemi, shot you an email.
      This particular plan is custom but we can give you something that fits your taste.

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