5 Bedroom Duplex (Ref: 5019)


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  1. Wat the estimates for buil
    Ding this in ghana

  2. Hello

    I am very interested to get a complete plan for this house with modifications if possible. I am interested in a four bedroom ensuit, laundry, gym and study room all included. I am also interested to know the cost estimate. Please email me with details especially the cost estimate.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Barrister Dotun

    Hi, What is the estimated amount of completing this project, I’d like to know before going ahead

  4. Hi
    Please can I get the plan of this house.
    Roughly how much will it cost to build such a house.
    Will a plot of land be okay for this house.
    I await your reply via email

  5. Please how can i the complete plan of this house, REF. 5018, 5 BEDROOM DUPLEX. Please am very much interested, thanks. From TONY.

  6. pls i would love to have the plan of this building with a little modifications;
    1. six bedrooms all with bathrooms
    2. the front pillars should be big with base
    3. the balcony should be rectangular

    • Dear Nkemjika,
      These are noted. The modifications can be done as required. Details for you to get the plans will be sent to you.


  7. I will like the original plan for this house and how much is it going to cost me for the plan please get back to me as soon as possible.

  8. Kingsley Nedum

    Please I need the plan of this house

  9. Sylvester Agbara

    Please can I get the plan for the house? Looks good to me.

  10. Ok Mr Victor… Plan will be sent to you.


  11. Hi,

    I really like this view and want to get a plan of it.

    It would be great to consider doing it.



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