3 bedroom block of flats (Ref: 3012)



  1. Maurice

    How much is the cost for two floors block with three bedrooms flats and 2 toilets in each flat?
    I am in Cameroon pls will appreciate to get the cost in my currency or in dollars. Also wish to ask if you guys sell only plans.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Maurice, this has been advised, we sell plans and we also build.

  2. Hi We have 350sqm in Ajah. Will this fit?

    WHats the estimated build cost for block of 4 – 3 bedroom flats as well as 6 3 bedroom?


    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr.Kunle, This building will not fit on a 350 square meter plot. 350 square meters should ideally house one or two residential units.

  3. nigerhouseplans

    Good day Mr.Ken,
    One unit of this will fit on a plot of land. We can edit the building height to 2 floors such that you get the four flats required. Thanks.

  4. Hello
    Please do you have a design for 4 flats of 3 bedrooms on a plot of land with enough room for parking. (120 ft x 60ft).

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