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  1. Hello, how much would this cost to build?

  2. David K

    I like the design of the building (Ref 3011) and would like to build it on a one acre of land in Liberia beginning December 2020 which will be Summer/ dry season. Would you please give me a rough estimate for this project before purchasing the house plan?

    Thank you,
    David K.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear David, a response has been sent to you. Regards.

    • Annette

      Hi , I had my eye on this plan for awhile now. This plan is beautiful. Am also a Liberian and want to build my dream home.

  3. prince

    hi i love this,respond to my mail,whats the cost of erecting this? will it fit on 50 x 100 plot?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Prince, this plan would not fit into a 50ft x 100ft plot.A plot size of 82ft x 100ft is advisable. Regards.

  4. Idrees

    This is beautiful design. can this be modify to have double living room. what is the size of the entire building.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good afternoon Idrees, Yes this can be modified into a double living room. The size of the building is 370 square meters.

  5. Bethnard

    This is lovely can I get the cost of building it in portharcourt

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Bethnard, this has been advised. Regards.

  6. Festus

    This is beautiful! Please since this could be modified to 4 bed room, can i know the cost of building it in Enugu.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Thanks for the compliment Mr.Festus, Yes this is available in 4 bedroom.

  7. Hello sir, this is a lovely design. Can I pls have the total estimate in building this wonderful house

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr.Azeez, thanks for the compliment.

      • You are welcome sir… Pls can you send my the cost of erecting this house plan with 4 bedrooms on a plot via email or any means suitable by you sir.

        • nigerhouseplans

          Dear Mr.Azeez, this is available in 4 bedroom. However, It will not fit on a plot.

  8. Please can I know the cost of constructing this building? Thank you.

  9. Dr Alex Maiangwa

    Good day, please can this be modified into a 5 bedroom bungalow? What is the cost implication? its on a 100 by 150 ft land. Will there be room for a modest BQ? I have three options now on this site and would like to buy one after comparing my options. Thanks

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Dr.Alex, Yes this can be modified into a five bedroom. There will be room for a BQ. Regards.

  10. Uchechukwu

    pls can you estimate the cost of erecting this house (the 4 bedroom)? pls send thru email and lets talk more from there. thanks.

  11. April 8, 2019 at 5:35 pm
    Please can this be modified into 5 bedroom with 2 living rooms? Also cost from start to finish with swimming pool and if possible back garden on 100 by 100 land.

    Looking forward to your response.


    Many thanks

    • nigerhouseplans

      Yes Mr.Edwin, these modifications can be done. Regards.

  12. I really adore this plan, can you make it a 5 bedroom for me? and I want to know the cost of the building in Naira please. Thanks.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr Ekene,
      Yes this plan can be modified to suit your requirements.


    I really adore this plan, can you make it a 5 bedroom for me? and I want to know the cost of the building in Naira please. Thanks.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr.Musa,
      Yes this can be made into a five bedroom.Cost will be mailed to you.

      • Akin Ola

        What is the cost of 4BR with additional study/home office/library, double volume living room, detailed plan and estimated building cost in Lagos. Also can the kitchen be separated from Laundry with a 100ft 50ft plot of land.

  14. Appiah Jessica

    I really like this plan, can you make this 5 bedroom for me? and I want to know the cost of the building in dollars please. please can I get your contact? Thanks.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Jessica,
      Yes this can be made into a 5 bedroom. The cost estimate has been sent to you. Regards.

  15. Appiah Jessica

    How much would it cost me for this building?in dollars please.thanks


    Beautiful design.

  17. Nelson

    Good evening sir, i really love this design. i got a plot of land in Akure. How much will it cost me to have this structure erected? please get back to me.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good day Mr.Nelson,
      This particular design will cost approximately 15 million naira to build.However,it can be scaled down if you so desire.

      • Shemayah

        Some few questions to aid my decision on this design.

        1. How can it be scaled down and how much will it cost to build it if scaled down?
        2. How much is the cost of buying the design for the scaled down version in pounds?
        3. What is the measurement of the external dimension as it currently stays, and what is the measurement of the external dimension for the scaled down version?
        4. If I need some changes/alteration in the design, can this be effected without attracting extra cost of the original or scaled down design?

        • nigerhouseplans

          Good day Shemaya,
          The design can be scaled down but you will need to advise on the space requirements.The cost is 250 pounds for this plan.The current dimensions is 24mx18m. Yes changes can be made without attracting extra cost.


          • Shemayah

            I have a space of dimension 50ft (approx. 16m) wide by 40ft (approx. 12m) long that I have carved out specifically for this structure. Is this a practical space to scale down the design to — pretty much scaled down by a factor of 1.5 from the original dimension of 24mX18m? With this new structural dimension what is the cost of design?

            At this stage you may want to personalize our conversation.

          • nigerhouseplans

            Dear shemaya, we have been sending mails since your first comment.Kindly confirm. This will be responded to via mail.

  18. Hello, is there single 3 or 4 bedroom bungalow, simple finishing with ensuite bedrooms? please advise how much this will cost on a half plot of land.

    Thanks you

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good day Abby, that will cost roughly 7 million Naira.

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