3 bedroom bungalow (Ref 3014)

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  1. As well send me the floor design plan.

  2. This design is quite impressive. Please can I have the break down and the total cost estimate of this plan.



    I would like to have the ground plan and cost estimate for this design (REF 3014). Thanks.

  4. Please sir kindly send the cost of this 3bedroom bungalow plan to my email… talk2abu2002@yahoo.com

  5. Please send me the estimated cost of plan Ref: 3014


    Kindly let me know how much it can take to realize this plan in standard form. Please quote me in USD.

    Sincere regards.

  7. Stunning design, send me the plan layout of this design let me take a look, thanks.

  8. So beautiful, whats the estimation of this plan pls.Pls can i see the floor plan of this house? Thnks.

  9. please, send me the estimate cost of the bungalow Ref 3014

  10. I need the cost estimate of this plan

  11. I need estimate cost of ref 3014

  12. Hi, I love this house. How much does it cost to complete it please.

  13. pls I need the estimated cost. Can it be built on a 30120 plot of land. If not, can I get a plan of 3 bedroom flat en-suit on half plot of land

    • Good day Mr. Olajide, this plot will not fit on that plot size. Yes, you can get the required plan which fits.

  14. Please can you advise the estimated cost of constructing this 3 bedroom bungalow (Ref 3014).

  15. I would really appreciate estimated cost of constructing this. Bless.

  16. I am interested in this property but I will want the estimated cost for this building.

  17. Hussain Abubakar

    Can you send me the cost estimate to build this house before deciding to buy the plan. But I’m really interested you did a good job.

  18. Please send me the cost estimate to build this bungalow

  19. Please, can you send me the estimate cost of this design, i am ready to build it.
    My email is olalemiisaac44@gmail.com

  20. What is the estimate cost of the property with the REF 3014?

  21. please, send me the estimate cost of the bungalow Ref 3014

  22. Can you send me unofficial layout of 3014 and can adjustment to the plan be made upon request?

  23. Olalekan Okedeyi

    Can you please send the estimated cost of ref:3014, Can it be built on 400sqm and will the full plan includes all dimensions,roofings,walls,windows.


  24. I need rough floor plan and estimated cost of ref. 3022 please send it to iduhfelix10@gmail.com

  25. I need estimate cost of ref 3014

  26. Dear sir, can you send me an estimated cost of this bungalow Ref: 3014.
    Many thanks.

  27. Please can you inbox me the full drawings of another bungalow designs for 3 or 4 bedroom?

  28. please, send me the estimate cost of the bungalow Ref 3014

  29. Hello dear, please I will like to have an over all estimate of the above building with a detailed plane which illustrates all views and elevations of the plan, so I can conclude plans on getting the plan to start my project. Thanks..

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Stevens,Please the detailed plans are available after plan purchase. The estimate will be sent to you. Thanks.

  30. Ref 3014
    Can you please send me the estimated cost of this bungalow.


    Ref 3014 Bungalow
    Estimated cost of Ref 3014

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