4 bedroom bungalow (Ref: 4029)

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4 bedroom bungalow (Ref: 4029)

Plan Cost: ₦155,000.00


Ground floor:

  1. Ante room
  2. Main living room
  3. Childrens living room
  4. 4 rooms en-suite
  5. Kitchen
  6. Store
  7. Dining room
  8. Guest WC
Total Floor Area 244 square meters
Lenght 22.2 meters
Breadth 14.4 meters
Floors 1
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  1. Can this be built on a half plot of land say 235sq

  2. Nice design. I want to know a land of 323sqm can accommodate the design and the cost of building.


  3. I’m interested in a 4BR Bungalow with a study. The building cost estimates without cost of land will be appreciated.

  4. Can you please send me the rough estimate to build the house in NSukka Enugu State


  5. Hello, nigerhouseplans. I love this design. Kindly send me the cost estimate of erecting this house. Also, the cost of the plan.

  6. Hello sir. Wat a lovely design, you have come up with. can you pls send me the total estimate of erecting this house sir

  7. I Love this design , could I get a look at the interior before buying the design

  8. Please can you guy inbox me on my email the pictures of the interior design and how much is it going to cost to get a copy of the design.
    Please as soon as possible

    • Dear Hillary, The cost for the design is on the store page. You can see this by clicking on the “buy plan” button. Thank you.

  9. Please can I see the house plan for this building

  10. Good morning, I love this house. Can you send me the approximated cost for this house. Thanks

    • Dear Bukola, thanks for the compliment.The approximate cost will be sent.

    • Please email or post exterior colors used on this House

      • nigerhouseplans

        Dear Carol, there are different paint manufacturers such as Dulux and Berger paints. Almost any colour can be mixed for you… you can visit ralcolourchart.com or check their brochure for your desired colour. The blue used here is close to RAL 5010. Regards.

  11. Please is it possible for me
    to see the interior part of this building before buying the plan?

    • Hello,
      This is my dream house.
      Please, it is possible to have the rough estamate and to see the interior part of the house so l might decide to buya plan?

  12. Please how much will it cost to build this house

  13. Good evening.

    Kindly advise of the rough estimate that can deliver what I’m seeing in the picture as well as the floor plan.

    Sure you can accommodate changes to the floor plan if need be.

    Thank you

  14. Please what is the estimate to build this house. I will like to know before buying the plan.

  15. please i like to know the estimate of this house

  16. Hi,
    This house looks like my dream house!!!
    Please provide me with a rough estimate needed to complete this house so I can determine weather to buy the plan
    I have a land in Benin City where I can build this beautiful house.
    Also, how can I register on your website?


    • Dear Dr.Michael,Thanks for the compliment. The rough estimate will be sent to you.You can register by visiting the store page and entering your name and email on the right panel (email subscription panel). Thanks.

  17. Hello Archi,

    Pls can you kindly analyse the estimated cost of this house. Including the estimated quantity of materials required, e.g blocks n cement, roofing cost. Thank you…

    • Dear Mr. Micheal, Yes the cost can be analysed after plan purchase. However, a rough cost estimate will be sent to you. Thanks.

  18. Cost of this building in Benin thank

  19. Hi.
    Please, I would want a detailed plan for this building. The architectural designs, layout and all building details and cost of building. Blocks etc.
    Also, I would like to know if the price is negotiable.

  20. please what is the estimate for this house.

  21. kindly send me the estimate of this house in Enugu

  22. Emmanuel Wilson

    kindly send me the estimate of this house in Niger state

  23. Can you please send me the building plan for this bungalow.
    Thank you

  24. Hello, please can the floor plan be to email to me ?
    Email :bhimburniton@gmail.com

  25. Kindly get me an extimate of this house in Delta state 08067605221

  26. Please can you send me the building plan of this house

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Hector, Floor plans are sent after an order is made.This can be done through the store section or by directly contacting us. Many thanks.

  27. Can you email me the estimate cost for this building? abartuah@yahoo.com

  28. LLP can you please send me the estimated cost of this building? And more details about it . Thanks

  29. Hi, can please send me the estimated cost of this building and more details about it?. thanks

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