4 Bedroom bungalow (Ref. 4042)

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  1. This is a beautiful and elegant design. Please can you send me a floor plan. I admire it . Thanks

  2. I like this plan. Its very beautiful. I want to build the same. Please, sir, can you please send me the side plan so that I can build some and also the cost to build it

  3. The house damn pretty. How much would it cost to build? Thanks

  4. I need your contact , interested in Ref. 4042.

  5. Pls what is the cost of building this bungalow?

  6. Dear nigerhouseplans,

    How much is this plan? I cannot see the buy plan button.
    What could be the approximate cost to build this bungalow?

    Thank you

  7. Dear Allison, Thanks for the compliment. 2 additional views have been updated.

  8. Hello, I like this. Can I see a complete model design of the house. All views inclusive.

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