4 bedroom duplex (Ref. CS 4802)

This is a custom design made to owners requirements. Custom designs are not for sale.

For enquiries, kindly contact us :
Call/whatsapp us on: + 234-9097563826
Or contact us by email: info@nigerianhouseplans.com


  1. Appreciate this is a custom design and not for sale. But could two of this fit on a single plot in Ghana measuring 100 x 70 feet (30.48 x 21.34 meters)?

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Sam, this can be modified to fit that plot size.

  2. Henry Adebisi

    Super amazing work here.

    Can a plot of land build this with a pool by the left side?

    What is the cost for the plan/design.

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Henry, yes a plot of land will build this.

  3. Anthony T Nash

    If you have an overseas account, so that customers abroad,will deposit into your company account, but you do please have me posted,because I’m interested in your work.

  4. Mr. Paul

    This is simply beautiful!

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