4 bedroom terrace apartments (Ref. CS 4400)

4 units of 4 bedrooms terrace units containing:

Ground floor:

  1. Green area/sit out
  2. Guest living room
  3. Guest bedroom en-suite
  4. Study room
  5. Stair hall


First Floor:

  1. Living room
  2. Dining area
  3. Kitchen
  4. Pantry
  5. Toilet
  6. Terrace
  7. Stair hall

Second Floor:

  1. 3 bedrooms en-suite
  2. Stair hall





  1. Müller

    This looks good!
    How much does it cost to build this including the finishing?

  2. nighouseplans

    Dear Sahin, thanks for the compliment. A plot of 60×120 ft will suffice.

  3. This looks good.
    what space do I need in square meter to make this project?

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Sahin, 700 square meters is fine. Thanks for the compliment.

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