5 bedroom duplex (Custom 5206)

This is a custom design made to owner’s requirement.

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  1. Samson Oladayo Ejiogu

    Please I love this particular home,can you tell me how many plots n how much would cost to build this type of house. I need to know if it’s available to buy the plan n also the cost to build

  2. Bola Idowu

    What is the cost of structural design plan for 5 bedroom custom 5206, what will be cost of construction it in Lagos.

  3. Charles

    Is there an actual square footage for this model. And what are the possibilities of reducing the spatial dimensions while maintaining the structural design. Can we pull this off at 350-400 m². Thank you.

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Mr.Charles, Sure this has a square footage, a 350 sq.m design with similar features can be done.

  4. Kolawole

    Can this plan be modified for an office building with offices, lift spaces and conference rooms please.?

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Kolawole, a design with similar features which incorporates office space can be done to your requirements. Regards.

    • Kolawole Bamiduro

      Hello, Many thanks for your response. How much are we looking at to get this modified for an office building to include a reception with sitting areas for 5people, two large conference rooms and four meeting rooms and twelve offices (including two executive offices) and two open plan offices for 10 people please.? Each of the offices must accommodate everything in an office with enough spaces to move round in between tables and other office items. Each of the executive offices should have ensuite toilet and bath as well as space for short meetings for up to 5 people and tea/coffee areas.

  5. Brenda Judah

    This is a beautiful house. Question Why do you post custom made design if they are not forsale?

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Brendah, custom designs which are not for sale can give ideas of design possibilities and features for other designs. Regards.

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