5 bedroom duplex (Ref:5022)


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  1. How much will it cost to construct this building ?

  2. Can I see more pictures of this building. All side views

  3. please I would like to know how much it will cost to build the this house.

  4. Please approximately how much will it cost to construct a building like this in Kano state? and will it fit into 75ft (side) by 50ft (front). Thank you

  5. Hello sir please I want to know if the plan can work on 2 plots.Thank you

  6. I love this, will it go on 650sqm and pls how much will it cost roughly in naira? Can i get plans on kilaca@yahoo.co.uk.


  7. Hello SIrs, I am interested in two of your designs but I need more information to decide which one I want. I will send you another email so you know. I will be grateful if you could provide me with more information or picture and the fee.

    Thank you for your kind assistance

  8. how much can it cost in Zambian currency?

  9. How much will the cost of Building and finishing this House? My Land is swappy in Bucknor, Isolo, Lagos.

    Can you Handle the Drawing and Supervision of the Building if required.

    This is my Mail: sunjonsj007@gmail.com

    Plans send me detail breakdown of this Plan. I am Very interested.

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