How to calculate number of blocks for your building project in 2 simple steps.

What is the number of blocks required to complete this building?This is a common question asked by prospective home owners especially after the building design phase.It is advised you use trusted professionals for your building project. This saves you time and money. However, if you are taking charge of material procurement or just wish to confirm number of blocks required for your project, these 2 simple steps outline the process outlines the steps you need to take. A simple 1 bedroom apartment is used in this case for clarity.

These are the two basic steps: Step 1: Calculate wall areas. Step 2: Divide total wall area by area of one block.

Step 1:

To calculate wall areas, we will calculate the total length of walls and multiply by wall height.

Area=Length x Breadth, In this case since we are dealing with height,

Area=Length x Height

Calculate Length: Looking at figure 1,we take length of vertical walls first(from left to right), then horizontal walls(from top to bottom)

Wall 1= 8000mm , Wall2=7755mm, Wall 3=3675mm, Wall 4=4100mm, Wall 5=3900mm, Wall 6=7950mm

Wall 7=3525mm, Wall 8=5975mm, Wall 9=5600mm, Wall 10=4425mm, Wall 11=4200mm














Ground Floor Plan




Sum of all wall length is=59,105mm.

Use height of wall at 3000mm.

Rough wall area (Wall area including openings) =59105mmx3000mm= 177,315,000mm

Remember we have some wall openings at the entrance, doors and windows. We have to subtract areas for these to get the actual wall area:

We have 6 doors with measuring 900mmx2100mm: 6x900mmx2100mm= 11,340,000mm*2

We have 8 windows measuring 1200mmx1200mm: 8x1200mmx1200mm= 11,520,000mm2

We have 1 window measuring 600mmx600mm: 1x600mmx600mm= 360,000mm2

We have 1 opening measuring 3300mmx2100mm: 1x3300mmx2100mm= 6,930,000mm2

Add up all opening areas:

Opening area: (11,340,000+11,520,000+360,000+6,930,000) mm2= 30,150,000mm2

Subtract opening area from the rough wall area:

Actual ground floor wall area:(177,315,000-30,150,000) mm2= 147,165,000mm2

Area of foundation walls:

Also,remember we have a foundation. The foundation area depends on the number of courses laid. For this building, we use four courses of block wall as foundation (Strip foundation). This is roughly 900mm high.

We simply multiply the perimeter of walls we got in step 1 by the height of the foundation wall. Area is still length x height. But now the height is 900mm.

Area of foundation wall: 59105mmx900mm=53,194,500mm2

Total wall area = Ground floor wall area+Foundation wall area

=147,165,000mm2+53,194,500 mm2= 200,359,500 mm2


Step 2:

Area of one block is 225mmx450mm= 101,250mm2

Number of blocks is total wall area divided by area of one block:

Hence, number of blocks is:200,359,500/101,250= 1978.86 blocks

That’s approximately1,980 blocks. You may want to add a certain percentage for breakages and off-cuts. If you use good quality vibrated blocks you only need to add a little.






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    • nighouseplans

      Dear Jacob, the mortar allowance typically cancels the extra blocks added for breakages or offcuts. So you can ignore it during an estimate. Regards.


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  9. Iduh Alex

    Calculate the total numbers of blocks required for a 1 bedroom and draw a plan

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      Dear Innocent, Please see below:
      It’s not clear if the units is in meters of ft. Also is the 10 and 12 total length of per shop.

      Calculate the total perimeter of the building multiply by 2. Then multiply by the total number of courses. Foundation to DPC can be 4 courses while DPC to roof can be 13 courses… This is a total of 17 courses.


      If we assume you mentioned 10ftx12ft per shop.
      This is 3×3.6m per shop. Hence for 5 shops we have 15mx3.6m.

      To estimate blocks we calculate one course:
      15×3.6×2=108 blocks

      For all courses including foundation (17 courses)
      We do:

      108×17= 1836 blocks (estimated)

      Note: This is a quick and fairly accurate method. A more detailed method is outlined in the post.

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      Good morning, in summary calculate the total area of block work and divide by the area of one block (.45mx.224m)

      Or calculate the length of one course of block work, multiply by the number of courses then subtract the number of blocks for doors and windows.

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      Dear Ngum,for floor tiles, simply calculate total wall or floor area by multiplying the length and the breadth.sand and cement depends on the mix and will be attended to in a later post.

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    Total length of wall = 59.105m
    Length of a block = 0.45m
    Total of blocks for each course: 59.1050.45 = 131blocks approximately
    Height of the wall 3m height of a block = 13.3courses + 4courses substructure = 17.3courses from fdn to roof level
    Therefore, total number of blocks required =
    Total number of blocks for each course multiply by the total number of courses.
    i.e 131*17.3 = 2267blocks minus the blocks in the openings

    Openings as calculated = 30.150m
    Area of a block = 0.45*.225 = 0.10125m
    Total blocks in the openings 30.1500.10125 = 298blocks

    i.e 2267 — 298 = 1969blocks very close with just difference of 1980 — 1969 = 11blocks

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        Dear Duncan, this is a bill of quantities or material list. We can advise on a rough estimate prior to purchasing a plan but the BoQ may be done after plan purchase if required. Thanks.

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