5 Bedroom Country Home (Ref: 5018)

5B_002-5 bedroom Duplex nhp

View 15B_002-5 bedroom Duplex v2 nhp View 25B_002-5 bedroom Duplex v3 copyView 3
Ground FloorFirst Floor










Approximate Area=800 sq.m





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  1. Good evening, what an impressive design, I am interested in 5018, 6 bedrooms instead of 5 bedrooms, (5021 6 Bedrooms), 5022 6 Bedrooms, please can you give me an estimate for structural and mechanical drawing and the total costs for the completed of the building in Naira? from the starting to finishing? Also, could you please let me know how many plots of land will be required for these particular designs? And for the swimming pool, can I have a big size family pool, not a small one located at the back or rear vice in the front? And also I will prefer a shade cover pool for sun purposes or indoor pool whatever you guys suggested? The plan is to build the house in Ilorin, and can you guys also ensure the plan is approved? Please send me the details and plans price so that we can proceed. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you guys so that I can buy whatever plan I decided to choose.

  2. How 6 inches and 9 inches Blocks is required for this?

  3. Very nice design and 5018 picked my interest. Could could at your earliest send me the land area needed, cost estimate from scratch to completion and detail design cost? Location is Lagos.


  4. Please send me the cost of building this house in US Dollars

  5. Good morning sir, am intrested in this design. please tell how to make payments. am in Nairobi, Kenya.
    Though need some few adjustments

  6. Hi there,
    Firstly I wanna commend you for your outstanding beautiful handwork. I would like you to please email me as follows: Land area needed, explicit and comprehensive design details, cost estimate from scratch to completion of project for the following Ref. 5022, 5021, 5016 & 5018. However, the outcome of my judgement will be anchored or any preferred two.

    • Dear Mr. Raymond, Thanks for the compliment. The land area and cost estimate has been sent to you. The comprehensive design details are available after plans are purchased. Thank You.

  7. Can I get the full picture of this design the cost building and de amount of land needed for this project?

  8. Please provide the square footage necessary fir this home, and the price fir the house plan. I would need it sent to the US.
    Mr. M.Johns

  9. Daniel Eleanya Okoro

    Good day,
    Can you send me the main price and land space required for this building building project,
    Please send it as soon as possible.
    Thank you…

  10. Can you email cost of building this house and interior photos of it.

  11. Dear Pat, Ok will do.

  12. Good evening sir, can you please email me more photosof this house pat.atsuvi@yahoo.com?

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