Lagos State Building planning Requirements

Are you embarking on a building project within Nigeria and unsure of the building approval requirements? The under-listed are the required documents which you should submit upon completion of your application form:

The requirements may vary depending on the State where the project is to be located.This information applies to Lagos State but gives a guide on what you should expect in other States:


Five sets of Architectural drawings of the proposed development prepared and signed by an Architect registered to practice in Nigeria.

  1. Block plan showing the following:
    • Proposed development including the location of the soak away pit,septic tank, sewage line,water supply line, gas supply line, generator house and gate house.
    • Front drains and concrete side walk abutting property
    • Landscaping of the front set back between the edge of the side walk and property boundary
  2.  Floor of every floor showing appropriate details including dimensions of rooms, positions of doors, stair case/stair well/lift  service
  3. Cross and longitudinal sectional drawings showing height of rooms/spaces along appropriate lines
  4. Front, rear and side elevations of the building, the height floor levels and others that may be required.



  1. Five sets of structural drawings or details of the proposed development prepared and signed by a civil a/structural engineer registered to practice in Nigeria together with the following.
  2. Structural calculation sheets
  3. Letter of undertaking to supervise the proposed development during construction issued by a registered civil/structural engineer
  4. In the case of an addition or modification to an existing structure. A certificate of structural fitness issued by a civil/structural engineer certifying the ability of the the structure to bear additional load is required.
  5. Subsoil test report in case of all structures above four floor or in swampy or marshy locations or where site is close to water bodies.


Mechanical ,electrical and Plumbing

  1. Five sets of mechanical,electrical and plumbing details for all high rise and public buildings prepared and signed by a services engineer registered to practice in Nigeria.



  1. A location plan prepared by a relevant professional registered to practise in Nigeria covering a radius of abou250mm of the proposed site development. The plan should include adjacent developments, name of roads and other landmarks to sufficient to locate the development. It should be at a scale of 1:500
  2. Three copies of physical planning technical report of the proposed development. For an existing development an audit report is required by a town planner registered to practice in Nigeria. This is mostly for developers.
  3. Three copies of Environmental Impact assessment(EIA) report where the development for industrial, commercial and institutional complexes etc
  4. One sun print survey plan signed by a surveyor registered to practice in Nigeria. The survey plan shall show access to the existing or proposed access to the site and shall be submitted with a photocopy each at the back of the five block of plans.
  5. A photocopy of the current tax clearance certificate and development levy in case of an individual. PAYE certificate and tax clearance of at least two of its directors, company’s certificate of incorporation and income tax certificate
  6. Photocopies of the receipt of processing fee paid and other charges
  7. Evidence of ownership of the land on which the proposed building is to be developed
  8. If a State land, photocopy of receits of payments of relevant land charges with letter of clearance issued by lands bureau.

Source: Lagos State Official Gazette.


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