4 bedroom duplex/2 bedroom flats(Ref: 4015)

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    • nighouseplans

      Dear Innocent, yes structural drawings are inclusive.

  2. Shawn Adeife

    Can I get 6 2bed room on 60by 120ft with a storey building

  3. Please can this be redesigned to a 5 bedroom duplex + 2 flats on a full plot with considerably big compound and if so, what is the likely cost to build?

    Thank you.

  4. Charles Adex

    Ref 4015
    This is the exalt design I want. In this current climate, how much would it cost to be build this on a plot of land?

  5. This is a great design. Please I’ll like to inquire about the cost of procuring this design and the estimated cost of building. What are the features of the 4 bedroom duplex and the 2 bedroom flats. How many are the flats? Will this sit comfortable on a plot of land with enough space for parking?

  6. Chisom

    Hello, I will like to make some enquiries about this design. Please how can I contact you directly?

  7. Mubashir

    This is lovely. Can this design fit on a single plot of land of 50 x 100ft.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr. Mubashir, Thanks for the compliment. Yes this design can fit on 100x50ft. Regards.

  8. Henry I


    What is the cost of completion I will like to include this in the 5 bedroom duplex package? Can this and the 5 bedrooms be accommodated on 2 plots of land?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr Henry,
      Yes this and 5025 can be accommodated on 2 plots of land.

  9. walker

    please i just want to thank you for this can you please send me this plan through
    walkerlarbi71@gmail.com thanks

  10. Abiodun Adeyemo

    Can I see the floor plan of these designs. I am interested in it.

  11. Hello can I see the plan of this, I’m interested in it


  12. Please what is the cost of building this house

    • nigerhouseplans

      Hi Ahmed, Roughly =N=25 million will build this…

  13. Can I see the plan for this house? I would love to see how the rooms are positioned.
    How much would it cost to build a house like this excluding the 2 bedroom flats?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Rich, We have discussed and resolved this.. thanks

  14. This looks nice. Please can I see the interior design?

  15. Olumide Balogun


    Please can I have an idea of the floor plan for this?

    Also what is the minimum size plot required for this?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Hi Mr Olumide, this has been resolved as per our discussion. Many thanks.

  16. Hello, can we talk of line? I like this design

  17. Murphy

    This is a lovely design. Please how can I get such plan and I need interior design to see how it looks. Can it be on a 100/100 land?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good day Murphy,
      Yes this can fit into a 100ft by 100 ft land. You can forward your survey plan so we see how it fits. I will send you an email.


      • I love this concept. It appears that there is a wall in between that gives privacy to the occupant of the duplex. Please confirm. Also is the price negotiable.

        • nighouseplans

          Dear Maxi, yes there is a wall in between that gives privacy to the occupant of the duplex.

  18. Proposed design 4 bed duplex,1 mini studio bed room with sitting room attached to duplex and two twin three bed duplex behind all under one roof with different entrances and an inbuilt garage to the 4 bed duplex

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good day Dayo,We will revert to your email regarding this.

  19. Good guide but more interior designs and attachment will be helpful and worthwhile

    • nigerhouseplans

      Thanks Dayo,
      Interior designs are available for some of the designs.Others are available upon request.

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