5 bedroom duplex with pent house (Ref: 5014)

5-bedroom-duplex-2-bedroom-block-of-flats-2 5-bedroom-duplex-2-bedroom-block-of-flats

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  1. Hello,
    Please I need the exact cost of this house with all the fittings and interior and beffiting chairs and beddings. I want to make budget for it and move in in six months

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr. Adefemi, The building cost will be advised. However, cost for furnishing such as chairs and beddings are subjective and may not be best advised with building cost.Thank You.

  2. Can this property fit in one plot?

  3. Hi, the house plans you have are beautiful and elegant. Kindly email me the rough estimate to complete this house which include the all features and ready to move in and lastly how many plots of land will this house be sitting on for a perfect match.

    • Hi Mr Emmanuel, thanks for the compliments. The plan will sit on a plot. Response regarding the cost has been mailed to you. Regards.

  4. can 35M build this house?

  5. You and your team have great building design concepts. I am delighted with what I have seen so far. Meanwhile, I want to see more design of a similar nature with 4 bedrooms and a penthouse whereby one room is at the ground floor, 3 rooms in the first floor and the penthouse with its convenience will be up.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Tim, Thanks for the compliment. The available designs are on the website. This design can be modified to meet your requirements. Regards.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Tim, Thanks for the compliment. The available designs are on the website. This design fits your description and can be modified to meet your requirements. Regards.

  6. Hi will it be possible for you to send me copy of the plan and estimate of the building in dollar and pounds?
    Also for 4014 and 4015.


    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr Gabriel the cost estimates will be sent to you. The floor plans will be sent upon order. Thanks.

  7. I just noticed to rough cost is about 25 million Naira, how can i get the house plan?

  8. I would like to know the cost of this building as soon as possible.

  9. Please I need the cost of this house with 5 bedroom and no pent house.

  10. Can I get this plan for 6 bedroom without paint house ? Hit me up ikenna_eze@yahoo.fr

  11. I need this house but without a paint house because the area my land is located does not allow paint house

  12. Hi

    Please I am interested in a 4 bedroom twin duplex with penthouse based on this design

    What is the minimum size plot that will be required?

    The Penthouse must be 35% of the floor area.

    So essentially a semi detached.

  13. Would like to discuss a project with your firm

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