4 bedroom bungalow(Ref. 4038)


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  1. This is beautiful, please I need the rough estimate that can build this house in Edo state and please can you do the construction yourself?

  2. Hello,
    I was referred to this site by a friend and believe I love what I’m seeing.
    Pls can I get the cost estimate of this 4bedroom Bungalow and possibly the land mass?
    Thank you

  3. Where do you base in Nigeria?
    I wanted to send my brother with the money to your office to get the plan directly. Thanks.

    • Yes you can send someone to get the plan directly.We are based in Lagos and Port Harcourt.Kindly contact us on 09097563826. Thanks.

  4. Good morning, I like this plan and I like to know the cost of the building,Also can I see the floor plan pls,
    thank you

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Sir, Thanks for the compliment.Rough estimate has been sent to you.Plan layouts are sent upon order of any of our plans.Regards.

  5. Ola Orikeshinro

    Hello, is it possible to see interior plan of this structure . Can you please send me the estimate to complete. my email address, orogbo77@yahoo.com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Sir, Rough estimate has been sent to you.Plan layouts are sent upon order of any of our plans.Thanks.

  6. Please would like to know the total cost to build 4bedroom in Akure

  7. Hello

    Can i have some information about that plan.

  8. please i will like to get all information of this building

  9. Hi thats a nice design you’ve got there, please I would like to have a rough estimate of what it would cost to build something of this sort and I would like to know if this design can fit into a 100 × 50 ft land. Finally, I would also like to know the cost for this design.


  10. This is lively please how much will be the cost of building this house in Enugu state

  11. Miss Basirat Lawal

    Hello. I like this structure and am planning to build a 4 bedroom. Can you please send me the floor plans and rough estimate to complete with a medium finishing materials in Naira. Much appreciated. I look forward to your earnest reply. Can you please send the info requested to my email. Thanks.

  12. How much does this plan cost. Can you please give me an estimate for building this on dry land?
    Please send me the floor plan. Thanks

  13. Dear Sir,
    How much does it cost to build this structure on dry land. Can I please see the floor plan? How much does the plan cost? Please reply.

  14. This structure is beautiful and I doff my hat for the designer
    Pls can I have the idea of what it can cost and d floor plan thanks

  15. Hello sir what’s the rough estimate for this building on a dry land ?

  16. Good day sir/ma. Please how much will it cost me to replicate this on a dry land. How much do you charge to create a working drawing of this nature.
    Kindly send ur reply to me email.

  17. Olumide Zaid Ebitanmi

    Hiya, how many plot do you require for this design?

  18. I am interested in the design. Please give me rough estimate to build this in the village .
    Thank you.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Chisom, a rough estimate will be sent to you. However the actual cost largely depends on the finishes used. Thanks.

  19. Can you guys make some adjustments to this plan for me please.
    Also can i see the floor plan please. Your response should be sent to my email.

  20. Pls send reply directly to my email box.
    Thank you.

  21. Hello,
    This is really beautiful. Is it possible to see the floor plan, please? And if you’re to handle this for one, how much should one be thinking about. I have the land already and 5500 blocks on ground. I will appreciate a timely response. Thanks a million and keep up the good work.

  22. Hello sir what is the cost to build this same house but maybe 4bedroom?

  23. I really adore this plan, can you make it a 5 bedroom for me? and I want to know the cost of the building in Naira please. Thanks.

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