Lagos State Building Control Agency(LABSCA) design requirements for approval

Have you ever sent your documents for building approval but met unexpected delays due to issues with the design and drawings? Below is a list of requirements your design and drawings should meet prior to submission for planning approval as advised by the Lagos State building Control Agency (LABSCA).

This list applies to Architecture design/drawings and will help in preventing the back and forth process during your building approval process as it serves as a checklist prior to submission:

  1. Location Plan
  2. Site Plan
  3. Site use analysis
  4. Adequate set-backs and air spaces
  5. Architect’s name,signature with ARCON seal and stamp affixed on drawings
  6. Adequate and practicable parking lots(2 car parking spaces per apartment)
  7. Parking for the physically challenged provided in public buildings
  8. Ramp up to public buildings provided at building access
  9. Muster point to be indicated on the site plan for public buildings and high rise residential structures
  10. Fire hydrants locations to be indicated on site plan for public buildings and high rise residential buildings
  11. Provide adequate landscaping,minimum of 10% of site plan (green area)
  12. Adequate room area (10.8 sq.m minimum)
  13. All habitable rooms to be cross ventilated
  14. Natural lighting for habitable rooms
  15. Restroom number and sizes adequate
  16. Toilets for physically challenged, number and sizes adequate in public buildings
  17. Staircases stairway width—2 floors residential-2.0m,Above 2 floors-2.2m,Public buildings-2.6m
  18. Adequate corridor and walkway width (1.2m minimum)
  19. Courtyard: Adequate size and privacy to be considered
  20. Sections: Cross and longitudinal section at least one through the staircase
  21. Minimum of four views (Elevations)
  22. Indicate water fall direction on roofs
  23. Gate house and generator house/base to be well located.
  24. Produce detailed drawings for reference purpose
  25. Provide doors and window schedule
  26. Indicate septic tank/soak away pit on site plan
  27. Provide septic tank/soak away pit detailed drawings
  28. Provide adequate adequate space for deck around pool(for buildings with pools)
  29. Basement to be excavated after 1.5m minimum from property line on all sides while the entry side abutting the road shall be 3.0m form property line.
  30. Landing to be provided at a maximum of 12 steps at staircase

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