4 bedroom duplex (Custom-4202)

This is a custom design made to owner’s requirements.


  1. Dennis McRich

    Please what is the cost of this plan and also that is its length and breath and the make-up facilities?

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Dennis, This contains a four bedrooms all ensuite with 2 living rooms, kitchen, laundry store etc

  2. konson kaba

    Can i have the plan design quotation for this by email please.

    please do reach me as urgent thing

  3. Adama Bamba

    Je veux ce plan là et j’aimerais bien que ce soit vos ingénieurs qui la construisent

  4. Chuks Asaba

    Hello There,

    I want to say your drawings look beautiful and simple. but i would like to know if you are open to modification and specification to your client?

    Thank You

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Chuks, Thanks for the compliment…Yes we do modifications. Regards.

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