5 bedroom bungalow (Ref. 5031)

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5 bedroom bungalow (Ref. 5031)


Ground Floor:

  1. Entrance Porch
  2. Living room
  3. Dining room
  4. 5 bedrooms en-suite
  5. Kitchen and store
  6. Kitchen entrance
Total floor area 241 square meters
Length 23.5 meters
Breadth 13 meters
Number of floors 1


  1. Charles

    Hi guys, I would also like to know the estimated cost of completing this project, and the cost of buying this plan too.

  2. Kelvin

    I love this building. Do you build also? Can you give me estimate if you are to build this mansion for me? I will just show you my land and you will build. How much?

  3. Adedotun safiu

    Good day
    Please how much will finish this and also would this fit in a plot of land

  4. St. Kingsley Uzoaru

    Hello Guys, you are doing quite a great job. Keep it up. Please how much will it take me to build this in my village in Abia State, from start to parking-in. And do you also build? Or can you manage projects from start to finish?

    Thanks and kudos once again

    • nighouseplans

      Dear St.Kingsley, thanks for the compliment. Yes we build.


    I am yet to receive the response to my question please.

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Mr. George a response was sent on the 17th of September 2020… three days ago. You may want to give an alternate email address if that didn’t go through. Regards.

  6. John Johnson

    How much does it cost to build this house and what land area is needed to support the design

  7. George Anyanwu

    I like this plan. My question is how much will it cost to put the building in my village in Imo state,.What is the final cost for the plan.

  8. Francis Zadok

    Nice design. Please, How much does it cost to build this in this present economy. from start to finish

  9. Please how much does it cost approximately to have this type of building on a plot of land in Delta State. Thank you
    Ref 5031 and 4038

  10. Gabriel

    Please tell me, what is the cost to build this. I have labs already.

    Thank you

  11. Raymond

    For a 4 bedroom not 5 how much will it cost to erect in imo state please

  12. Raymond

    How much will it cost to erect a building like this in imo state plus finishing estimate on a land size of 550sqm,thank you

  13. Raymond

    Hello please how much will it cost to erect such building in imo state land size is 550sqm please estimate

  14. Jideofor

    Please is 140k the final price? Thank you

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear jideofor,a discount can be given if you’re not making modifications.Also depending on location as requirements vary from state to state.

  15. Please how much in total can I use to erect this 5031 or 3011 design

  16. Pls, does this have Ante-room?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Hi Chuks, this does not have an ante room. The spaces are as listed above. Thanks.

  17. Onyeka Usifoh

    Please how much does it cost approximately to have this type of building on a plot of land in Ogun state? Thank you.

  18. peter obi

    How can get the house plan when i paid the money?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Obi, the plans are delivered to you via courier. Regards.

  19. Apesinola

    Please how much does it cost approximately to have this type of building on a plot of land in Ogun state? Thank you.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Apesinola, this has been advised. Regards.

  20. Wow I love this house . Please can I see the floor plan ?

  21. Jerry JES

    Is it possible to make a new drawing with my specs

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Jerry, yes this is possible. Modifications can be done.


    Pls can i see floor plan

  23. edwin ugwoke

    I am interested in seeing the detailed drawing , including inside lay out , wiring, plumbing , wall height, land escape, wall thickness ,the roof pitch etc.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Edwin, These are available upon purchase of the drawings. Regards.

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