4 Bedroom bungalow (Ref. 4050)

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4 Bedroom bungalow (Ref. 4050)

Plan Cost: ₦170,000.00


4 bedroom bungalow on half plot (30×9 meters) with the under-listed spaces:

  1. Living room
  2. Dining room
  3. Kitchen
  4. 2 rooms en suite
  5. 2 rooms sharing toilet and bath
Length 16 meters
Breadth 7 meters
Total floor area 100 square meters
No. of floors 1
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  1. Can this be built on a half plot of land say 235sq with maybe 5 rooms and a swimming pool, I also want to know the estimate just to be sure if my budget can get me started somewhere

  2. Can this be built on a half plot of land say 235sq

  3. Pls can a land of 122 by 41(instead of 100 by 50)work out this Building..and I intend having an anti sitting room and a 5 bed rooms..can the land be managed on the plan and still have a car space for like 4 cars?

    • Dear happy, yes that plot size will contain the plan when modified to 5 bedrooms. It will contain up to 4 cars.

  4. Please advice on how much it will cost to build. Thanks

  5. I really adore this plan(would like to buy it) and i want like to erect this structure on the mainland(Lagos) so please be kind enough to brief me on the total cost that would erect this particular building and also can it fit on a half plot of land????

  6. Good day Team, can you send me cost to build this?

  7. Good morning Team,

    Please I will like more information on the:

    1. floor plan designs for this bungalow.
    2. total land area covered by the design as is.
    3. whether the design can be tweak to fit to size and used as some sort of BQ with future development of a duplex in front.

    The land area am working with is: L 48.31m x B 12.35m. I intend to take advantage of the lenght to get two buildings in. A future development of duplex in front but presently I want a bungalow design that can later as the BQ.

    Please note the width size and the need for an appropriate set back on the side from the fence and at the rears, while leaving adequate space in front for a duplex.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Segun, Yes these modifications can be done to your requirements. The total land area covered is 100 square meters.Regards.

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