5 Bedroom Duplex (Ref: 5011)


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5 Bedroom Duplex (Ref: 5011)

Plan Cost: ₦285,000.00


Ground Floor:

  1. Ante room
  2. Living room
  3. Dining
  4. Kitchen
  5. Laundry
  6. Store
  7. Guest room en suite
  8. Guest WC
  9. Stair hall

First Floor:

  1. Master bedroom en-suite with walk-in-closet and jacuzzi bath
  2. Three rooms ensuite with walk in closets
  3. Family Living room
  4. Balcony
Total Floor Area 556 square meters
Lenght 21 meters
Breadth 13.5 meters
Floors 2
For enquiries, kindly contact us :
Call/whatsapp us on: + 234-9097563826
Or contact us by email: info@nigerianhouseplans.com


  1. Arc Isaac

    Please send me the cost of building this duplex in detail to my email as soon as possible. Thank you. ohpaglobal@gmail.com

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Arc Isaac, this has been advised via mail. Regards.

  2. Lovely building, but can this fit on a 600sqm plot of land with 2BQ and a guardroom?

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Sol, Yes this will fit pm 600 square meters with BQ.

  3. collins

    Hi, I love the plan. Please will I fit in a 400 sqm land with parking spaces? What’s the estimate cost to build the house and can get a picture of the inside?


    • Hi, I really admire this plan; first can it be built on a 100ft by 60ft with garage space and guard quarter.. Also do you have like a 3D image to show the interior and the back view of the house. If you do please can you send it to my email including the estimated cost. Also How long it will take to build. Thanks

      • nighouseplans

        Dear Collins, yes this will fit that plot size. 2 months will suffice to finish the carcass.

  4. Can you send me the layout What is the estimated total cost to build.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good afternoon, the cost will be advised. Regards.

  5. Munachimso

    Good morning,
    Can you build this house for me? If I want the rooms to be bigger and the downstairs living room to be open living room, can you do it? Contact me by email or give me a telephone number to call you back.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr. Munachimso, Yes the building can be built for you. Modifications can be done to suit your requirements… You can contact us on 08055657780,09097563826. You may want to check the provided email address as delivery of the mail sent to you failed. Regards.

  6. Teejayddin

    Please I need the totalncost if this building and can this fit in on a land of 60 by 120 feet? Then the cost of the plan itself

  7. Edwin Jackson

    Please will this house fit into 100 by 100 with swimming pool and back garden? And if yes what’s the rough estimate cost to build this? Please I will also look at other plans on your site and request Information on them, please do bear with me.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Many thanks

    • nigerhouseplans

      Yes Mr.Edwin, the plan will fit into 100×100 ft plot of land.

  8. Mr Onyisi

    Please bro, i saw where u mentioned 33m to finsh it, what i want to know is this how much will build 6 bedroom 2 living room down and 1 living room up and 2 bedroom boys quarter and also how much square miter land will build it

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr Onyisi, a plot and half will take your requirements. The rough cost will be sent to you via email. Regards.

  9. Hi,

    This plan looks impressive and would make a dream home.

    I’ve read some of your responses to other people’s queries that are similar to mine including where you mentioned that it will cost about 33M to deliver this project. Could you kindly confirm if this quotation includes, roofing, fencing landscaping and other finishings such as doors, windows and tilling, or is it just the cost of putting up the structure? I would also like to have an idea of the cost implications if I wanted to add portable BQ and a security post.

    Lastly, do you also build and if yes, do you have evidence of any jobs you’ve executed recently?

    Many thanks for your kind attention.

    Keep up the good works!

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear John, The cost does not include external works like fencing and landscaping. This is only a basic cost and will vary widely depending on the finishes used.It is also time dependent. The cost of the BQ depends on the number of rooms.Yes we do build. Thanks for the compliment.

  10. Oforma

    Please mail me the plan and the cost of building via flexmanager2@gmail.com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr.Oforma, the plan can be ordered by clicking the buy plan link. The cost will be mailed to you. Thanks.

  11. REF 5011 ; What is the square feet of this house? I know that houses in Nigeria have small bedrooms and bathrooms. Can you make the adjustments? Finally what will it cost? I will like it to be around 4800square feet. 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Sir, the total floor area for this building is 5984.73 square foot (556 square meters). Some buildings have small bedrooms as a result of smaller plot sizes and cost saving strategies by the owner. However, our plans have minimum standard room sizes and above.
      The plan can be modified to suit your requirements as stated. The cost is on the store page (you can click on the buy plan button to get the cost).
      Thank You.

  12. ademola apata

    Your plan is great I love it. But is it possible to see the made up. I mean the plans.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Sir,
      Many thanks for the compliments. Plans will be sent upon order of any of our plans.
      Thank You for your understanding.

  13. Hello,

    I love this building. May I please know the total cost from start to finish.


    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr Odion, the cost depends on your preferred finishes.However about NGN 33 million will give you a standard finish. Regards.

  14. Sure Boy

    Please send me the best features of this house and it rough cost also,
    am interested

  15. Kelechukwu uzo

    Hello, will this house fit in a 650sqf of land including a 3 bedroom bungalow? how much will it cost to build this and how long will it take? does it have a high ceiling from the first floor? can it be modified to have 2 rooms downstairs?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr.Uzo,
      Yes it can be modified to suit your requirements.Other responses will be mailed to you.


  16. Jenkins

    email me with the details and cost if I want to build it in Ghana blaq-c@gmx.com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Jenkins, the rough cost estimate has been sent to you. Regards.

  17. Hello,
    Do you also have the rear, side and top views of this design. If yes could u please email it to me. Also does it come with a vauted ceiling living room? If yes, can it be modified to include 2 bedroom down and 5 bedroom up? If it doesn’t come with that, can it be modified to include a vaulted ceiling living room. I’m just in love with this design. Let assume it comes with a vaulted ceiling and can be modified to include 7 bedrooms, will it be suitable on a 900 sq.m land, with a 2 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 bath, 1 kitchen “I” shaped BQ and enough parking space?
    How much will it cost to build just the house? Thanks

  18. Hello,
    Do you also have the rear, side and top view of this design. If yes could u please email it to me. Also does it come with a vauted ceiling living room? If yes, can it be modified to include 2 bedroom down and 5 bedroom up? If no, can it be modified to include a vaulted ceiling living room. I’m just in love with this design. simploo

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr Alex, Yes modifications can be made to suit your requirements. All others remain as discussed. Thanks.

  19. Nat Boateng

    Hi, the design is brilliant and I’d like to know if it’ll fit on a 100 x 70 ft land. Is it possible to see the plans?
    I’m from Ghana but based in London and would love this design for my house in Ghana with some minor tweaks.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good day Sir,
      Thanks for the compliment. Yes it will fit perfectly on that plot size.
      Delivery of the plans to Ghana wouldn’t be a problem. Kindly let me know the changes you will like to make. Many thanks.

  20. Valentine

    How much is the plan ? I need it five rooms up and a room downstairs with a bq and security house. The parlor must be down to roof. My email is ikenna_eze@yahoo.fr

  21. Owolabi Isaac

    This design is lovely. However can it be tweaked into a 6bed room design, and a BQ. Also can the tweaked plan fit into a 600sqm plot of land. I am interested in the design.

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr.Owolabi. Thanks for the compliment…Yes this design can be tweaked into a 6 bedroom design with a BQ at the rear.Kindly let us know if you want that done. Thanks.

  22. Hi, this is really beautiful. Can I have the building plan. What is the cost of putting up this structure. Thnx,

  23. Inoma Chika

    Good Morning,

    Please can you inbox me, The land size that can accommodate this plan and a guest 4bedroom bungalow, The cost of building and also the interior. inomachika@gmail.com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr Inoma,
      This building will go on a plot of 648 sq.m. If your plot size is 450 sq.m as in some states, you will need roughly a plot and half.

  24. Chief Ikemba


    I tried to reply your message to me but my reply keep coming back as blocked message. Reply to my email on the below info:

    ”Hello Ola,

    I need the drawing for construction plans as soon as possible. What is the cost of drawing and terms/mode of payment and duration of drawing and delivery?

    Chief Ikemba”
    Email: montanayoy83@gmail.com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good day Chief,
      You can get me on 09097563826. I will send a response to your queries now.

  25. Chief Ikemba

    I love this, I need the plan. Write me details at montanayoy83@gmail. com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good day Chief Ikemba,
      I will communicate via mail as requested. Thanks.

  26. Hi i love this house , can i have the building plan , Thank You

  27. Hi a love the building and i love to have the building plan

    • nigerhouseplans

      Hi Mr.Lanre, I will reply to your inbox.

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