2 & 3 bedroom block of flats (Ref: 5012)

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  1. I need a good house design please

  2. Hello Sir. i have two plots of land. and i wanted to build something like these. please sir how much will it cost me to build it on the two plots of land.

    Thanks Prince

  3. Lovely desing, pls i want a layout of a 3bedroom and 2bedroom on a plot of 60/120. thanks

  4. Hello
    Could you please send me more samples of block of 4 flats that could well sit on a plot of land and with enough car park-spaces.

  5. Please send me samples of 3 bedrooms 4 flats to my email.

    • Dear Femy, you can check the website by searching for “flats”. Some image samples have been sent to you however. Regards.


      • nigerhouseplans

        Dear Faith, Do you mean in a bungalow or one storey building? It’s not advisable if it’s a bungalow due to space constraints but if you’re going one floor up, that’s fine.

  6. beautiful house design

  7. Please l love this house. Would you please send me the cost of building this house .Thanks.

  8. Hi, I believe I like your plans. I would love to have a couple of plans for 3 and 4 bedroom flat two-story. As am planning to develop one plot 50X100 ft out of the pieces of land, how many 2story building can fit into this one plot with space for parking? Can I have some samples to my email? Thanks.

  9. I would like to have a nice plan for 5 bedroom 3 bath, 1 large kitchen and a wide living room and dinning room and a parking lot

  10. I really interested in this plan to build on my two plots of land that’s 100×140 feet in Ghana. Please I want the same plan but can have it up to 4 storey or better still the foundation be layed for say 5 storey so perhaps in the near future one can CONTINUE? I love these your plans. By the way how much is this plan.
    Inbox my details in my email: ebenjackcresto14@gmail.com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Ebenezer,
      The design can be done to suit your requirements while considering the planning laws within the host area. The price will vary regarding what your new scope is.A mail has been sent to you.Thanks for the compliment.

  11. i love your designs. very impressive. i have a 50 by 100 plot size. i want to use half of the plot for a four bedroom duplex. and the other half for two 2 bedroom apartments. is this feasible. i need designs that can fit into my plans.


  12. Hi,
    I like the design for the three bedroom flats. thats the 2 storey building. Can I please get the clear pix and drawing sent to my email?

    • Dear CY,
      The pictures available are the ones on the site. The drawings for the
      building come at a cost.Kindly advice if you are interested in buying the


  13. hi,
    please i need a five bedroom that will fit in a half plot of 30×60
    let me see the front view and the cost

    • Mr.Ignatius,
      What is available is a 4 bedroom that can fit into half plot. A five bedroom which can fit into half plot can be developed to meet your requirements.


  14. Great Designs Sir
    Do you have contemporary yet very simple ans cost effective 2 blocks of 2/3 bedroom flats that fit into a half plot of land 50×100.

    • Good day Mr.Gilbert,
      We have some contemporary designs close to your specifications. Please find check your mail.
      It will be best to do one specially for your site and requirements as no two projects are exactly same.Kindly let me know your thoughts.

  15. Great Designs Sir
    Do you have contemporary yet very simple ans cost effective 2 blocks of 2/3 bedroom flats that fit into a half plot of land 50×100.

  16. olalekan a adejumo

    Good day sir you are doing a great job. your house plans are fantastic. Can you pls get me a nice 3 bedroom 3 birth duplex with a room downstairs.in addition not really big one but has every taste. pls include the cost of building and pictures. My email is olalekan90@yahoo.com. i reisde in Ibadan Oyo state. bye

    • nigerhouseplans

      Hi Mr.Olalekan,
      Many thanks for the compliment.A 3 bedroom duplex which meets your exact requirements is not available at the moment. But one can be developed if you wish.

  17. can you email me on the more designs similar to this one just a simple duplex but 2017 design with big rooms and masters bathroom will be big also with gym,laundry and others …i need front pictures of it my email is allisong247@yahoo.com

  18. I love the design, can you update me a rough estimate of what it will cost and other details. Plan and photos, may be we might go into business. Here is my email: emoney4general@gmail.com. Let me know when you send mail to me. Thanks

  19. I like the design please can you send me the layout or plan.

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