5 bedroom duplex (Ref.5020)

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  1. Hello, any idea what the rough estimate to built this 5 bedroom duplex, Ref: 5020 in Lekki, lagos

  2. Please I would like to build this plan in Tema, Ghana and my question is, DO YOU HAVE CONTRACTORS TO UNDERTAKE this project or have to find my own?



  3. Hello, I like this structure. How much will it cost me to build. thank yoy

  4. Hello, I really like this design, 5 bedroom duplex, Ref: 5020. Have you built such design somewhere that one can go an view the completed construction. Also is it possible for you to send me the sketch of the floor plan?
    I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  5. Hi I am very much interested in this plan as

  6. Hi I am very much interested in this plan as I want to have it build in sierra Leone, however is it possible to see the inside of the house how it will looks like please

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