5 bedroom duplex (Ref.5020)

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  3. please i want to know if this plan can be adjusted to just 4 bed room duplex and also the cost of construction of this building as well.

  4. I want this plan but I would first like to have a naira estimate of all the construction before paying it

  5. I will to know how much it cost to build this house from start to finish as well as the size of land need to build it.

  6. Please, would you advise me on the cost of building this structure from start to finish, and how detail is this plan? I would appreciate if your approximation is close enough.
    Thanks sincerely! Great plan.

  7. Great Plan!

  8. Hello,

    Can I fit this house plan on a 500 sqm land size?
    What is a rough estimated cost to build this structure?


  9. Hello, any idea what the rough estimate to built this 5 bedroom duplex, Ref: 5020 in Lekki, lagos

  10. Please I would like to build this plan in Tema, Ghana and my question is, DO YOU HAVE CONTRACTORS TO UNDERTAKE this project or have to find my own?



  11. Hello, I like this structure. How much will it cost me to build. thank yoy

  12. Hello, I really like this design, 5 bedroom duplex, Ref: 5020. Have you built such design somewhere that one can go an view the completed construction. Also is it possible for you to send me the sketch of the floor plan?
    I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  13. Hi I am very much interested in this plan as

  14. Hi I am very much interested in this plan as I want to have it build in sierra Leone, however is it possible to see the inside of the house how it will looks like please

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