5 bedroom duplex (Ref:5021)


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5 bedroom duplex (Ref:5021)

Plan Cost: ₦320,000.00


Ground floor:

  • Ante room
  • Family room(double volume)
  • Dining room
  • Breakfast nook
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Store
  • 2 bedrooms ensuite
  • Guest WC
  • Stair hall

First floor:

  • Gallery overlooking living room below
  • Master bedroom en-suite
  • 2 rooms en-suite
  • Box room
  • Family living room
  • Terrace
Lenght 21.9m
Breadth 19.2m
Floors 2
Total floor area 596 sq.m
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  1. NYC job…place can I get estimate of d houz in a 6 bedroom form….and also can u execute dis in port Harcourt.

  2. Please I need the construction estimate. Location of land is in Anambra State.

  3. Please let me know how much estimate this will cost to be build in Owerri Imo state.

  4. Compliments of the season…a very beautiful design. Great job. I recently bought 1450sq meter plot in an estate in Apo Abuja. I know estate home designs are pre-approved by FTC housing authority. My question is three-fold; (1) Does your company build in Abuja? (2) How much will it cost to build a house such as this design in Abuja? (3) Can you modify this plan to suite the approved plan for the estate. My understanding is the estate is approved for large duplexes of 5 bedroom or more only and approved plans can be modified. I assume the plot size will be sufficient to build a 6 bedroom and boy quarters, couple with other modifications which I will like to discuss with you at appropriate time. I will like to retain your services for this project should be so inclined to work with me. I look forward to your reply.

  5. I am interested in this plan please can you give me rough estimate of how much will cost to finish this project with modification like 6 bedrooms with en suit and the master bedroom really large with working closest,jacuzzi tub and standing shower inside the master bedroom, and also sun shade swimming pool at the back, and how many plots of land will be required? Planning to build this house in Ilorin Kwara State. I need

  6. can i please get a full estimation to build this house (in dollars please), and also the price for the plan and size of land . I know I have sent multiple requests.. I just want to decide based on budget

  7. You guys never cease to amaze me! This design is very beautiful. Can you please email me unofficial floor plan so I can have an idea about the lay out of the rooms and how much it will cost to build it.

    Thank You!

  8. How much would it cost to have this structure up at Ibeju lekki, Lagos

  9. How many plots can acommodate this house if it is 6 rooms all rooms ensuite with some ammendments

    And have a garden n a swimming pool at the back yard. will this cost to build ?
    How much will build this house with very good quality materials.

    • Dear Nnenne, With regards to your requirements, please plan a minimum of 2 plots…this will enable you get a pool and garden.However, you can get more land if possible so you have ample space. The rough cost estimate will be sent to you.Regards.

  10. Please mail me the estimate cost of this plan

  11. Hi
    Please how much will it cost to build a modified version of this house, with 4 bedroom ensuite; one on the ground floor and three on the top floor. If possible can you show me the ground floor plan to ascertain if the modification is actually necessarily.

  12. Sunday Chukwujekwu

    Kindly send me the estimated cost of building this structure.
    And I wish to enquire if you can come down to my home town in Anambra state to execute the contract.

  13. I have a plot (50 x 100) and side lot 100 faces one side of the road and one side face 50. Can you kindly send me the estimate cost to build this house? I want the entire home to have bath room and closet, the master king size walk in closets. one suit room on ground floor for V.I.P guest. One or two room’s boys quarter suit at back or side. What is the cost of the plain?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Maureen. Your requirements are noted. A mail will be sent to you in response to your queries.

  14. Will this house seat in a 60 by 120 land and kindly send me the estimate and duration this can be built if the financial resources needed are made available

  15. Hi,

    I have a plot (50 x 100). Can this house/plan fit within this or will it have to be modified to fit those requirements?

    I will also be interested to know the costs for the same plan for a 4 amd a 5 bedroom, and a rough cost estimate for this building for a 4/5 bedroom please.

    Many thanks

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Mr Eugene,
      The plan fit your plot size only if modified. Also better if the plot length faces the road.Rough cost estimate will be sent to you.


  16. Mr. Chukwuemerah .M

    Please note my desired modify design is: 5 bedroom duplex (Ref:5021)

  17. Mr. Chukwuemerah .M

    I love this beautiful design, I will like some modification on the design to 6 bed rooms with king size master walk in closets with the masters having 360 degree view. (All en suit) one en suit room on ground floor for V.I.P guest. Boys quarter en suit and another nice 2 bedroom en suit for my mother.

    I have 30 plots of land 50 by 100m in the village and I’ll love to have palm trees and small animal husbandry. Please can you give me the cost of the full architectural design with landscaping.

  18. Im interested in this property

  19. Hi I’m interested in this amazing property. Could you please send me a rough estimate to build this property and the land dimension and please email me more similar projects. Thanks

  20. Hello,

    I am interested in getting the plan for this property. Do contact me via my personal with estimated amount for this project and price for the plan.


  21. Darlington Moore

    Hey how much is the cost of this plan?

  22. Hello dear, my name is Mr Peter . I want to make enquiry about this 5 bedroom duplex house .please if you don’t mind , how much will it cost me to get this drawing from you .just the same as it in this picture .what I need is a full building plan .

  23. How much will it cost me to build this type of house

  24. I am interested in this beautiful property. I have two plots of land 100 by 100m in Phc and I’ll love a 6 bed house good sized master n madams bed. Walk in closets with masters window facing the front yard. Five rooms above ( en suit) and one en suit room on ground floor. Three room boys quarter with one of the rooms an en suit and the other two share one. And maybe the top roof will have a garden n a swimming pool Roughly how much will this cost to build ?

    • Dear Sussan,
      This plan can be modified to suit your requirements as you have stated… The estimate cost will be known once all these modifications are done. Regards.

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