5 bedroom duplex (Ref. 5025)




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  1. I love this design. What is the estimated from start to finish

  2. Hello, this is the second designs but I need more information to decide which one I want. I will be grateful if you could provide me with more information or picture and the fee.

    Thank you for your kind assistance

  3. I like this design. Please approximately how much will it cost to construct a building like this at Ajah? Thank you.

  4. Great design, I am interested in knowing what the cost to build this in Lagos / Ogun state will be. On a plot of land. Thanks

  5. Great design,

    Interested in know how much this will cost in Ogun state / Lagos state. On a plot of land.

  6. Hello,

    Impressive design…what is is the estimated cost of completion? Can this modify to 6 bedrooms including a study/or office.
    I have two plots of land I will like this and another 4 flats of 2bedrooms is this doable.

    Finally are the plans negotiable?

    • Dear Henry,thanks for the compliment. The design can be modified to six bedrooms. Yes you can have another building on the second plot.The cost estimate will be sent to you.

  7. Hello,

    what is the build cost for this design (5 bedroom duplex (Ref. 5025), for the following standards of finishing:
    1. Basic standard of finishing?
    2. Medium standard of finishing?
    3. High standard of finishing?


  8. Hello,

    Hope you had a wonderful week. I am following up on our last discussion on when to have a meeting on the building design.

    Hope to read from you.


  9. Thank you for replying and thank you for the information you provided me. Few questions for you.

    What would it cost to builders in Owerri?

    Do your company build in Owerri?

    By any chance do you have pictures for the insides of the house?

    Also can I come to your office to further discuss the plan.

    Many thanks

    • Dear Sir, this query was also sent via email and has been responded to accordingly,let us know if you need more clarifications.Many Thanks.

  10. Also what would it cost to build this.

  11. I am interested. How do I get a plan like this?

  12. I have a plot of land measuring 842sqm. What is the size of this building. can someone have this design as semi detached duplex. How much will it cost in Lagos.

    Please where is your office situated.

    • Dear Mr.Dipo,
      The size of the building is 15.5 meters x 11 meters.The total area is 445 square meters.
      You can have a semi detached duplex based on this design style.Cost information will be sent to you via email.Thank You.

      • Thanks for your response.

        How do we get in touch with you so that we can have a physical discussion and possibly take a look at the 3D and other designs.

        The available land for the building is water logged, thus we need the design to put that into consideration.


  13. I like this design. Please approximately how much will it cost to construct a building like this in Ogun state? Thank you.

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