Architect’s Registration Council of Nigeria-Project Registration Number

The Architect’s Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) recently introduced the Project Registration Number (APRN) which is a mandatory registration number issued to all architects practicing in Nigeria for each of their projects. This is to certify that these projects are being executed by Nigerian citizens, who are fully registered with the professional body.

The project registration number serves as a layer of quality assurance regarding the quality of the built environment. Only fully registered and financially current architects and firms are eligible to prepare, produce and submit architectural building plans for approvals/ implementation – and to receive those approvals when they are given. The client is to allow for the acquisition of APRN registration on all their projects.

The APRN number was introduced to serve the under-listed purposes:
1. Ensure only fully registered architects prepare, produce, submit and receive approvals for building designs.
2. Complement the role of stamps, signature and seal.
3. Combat building failure and collapse by eliminating quackery.
4. Ensure that foreign architects work in proper partnerships under Nigerian architects.
5. Ensure copyright protection of the architect’s work and eliminate plagiarism.
6. Enable the compilation of statistical data on the Nigerian building industry for national planning.
7. Entrench high standards of professional practice to enhance our global competitiveness.
8. Ensure that architects are also responsible for the supervision of their designs.


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  1. Isaac Emmanuel

    Good Morning

    Please can i correct the name of the project

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Isaac, you have to reach out to ARCON regarding this.

  2. Timothy K.

    Want to register a project

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Timothy, it’s best you register through the planning office.

    • nighouseplans

      Dear Timothy, the requirements vary per state. Projects are registered via the planning office. You may visit one close to you. Regards.

  3. Romuald

    Good idea

  4. nigerhouseplans

    Dear Blaise, Kindly advise on the plan you are referring to. Thanks.

  5. Blaise

    Please sir can I have an estimate of this I love it.I’m based in Cameroon

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