6 Bedroom Duplex (Ref: 6013)

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  1. Can you please send me the cost estimate for this building at mohamedtra96@gmail.com

  2. Why is there no interior design layout???

  3. Hello,
    Please, nigerhouseplans I need the cost of this building from beginning to the end. But no pool. I want a cinema, two kitchens (Big one down and medium up), Down parlour big and up parlour medium.

    Please note: The master bedroom will be up with the bathroom big and inbuilt wardrobe like a room.

    Thank you.

  4. hello, please let me know the cost for building this, the land size and the materials to use.. I’m highly interested

    • Dear John, the land size is about 2 plots. Main materials are blockwork,reinforced concrete and stone coated roofing sheets.

  5. How much does it cost building this house ?

  6. Please how much does it cost building these house.

    • Dear Lucky, an rough idea of cost required will be advised via email. The actual cost will depend on factors like your preferred finishes,type of soil etc.

  7. I would like to see the inside layout. Please forward along with building total cost

  8. please send me price for preview and full plan of ref. 6013

  9. Hallo, please send the total cost for plan and building for this home

  10. I love this design, but i want mine to 5 rooms en suite, I would want a cinema room and a indoor gym room. Could you send me the current floor plan because i see it has a pool, give me an idea of the layout. How many plot of land will it require? and how much what is the build estimate till completion? Send me the details to my email

    • Dear Mr Raphael, the additions can be done as required.It will require about 2 plots of land. Details will be sent to your email as requested. Thank You.

  11. Can you please send me the cost estimate for this building at mahannokoy@yahoo.com

  12. Pls how much is the budget for building this house and Im also interested in the plan

  13. I need the estimated cost of this building.i like it,please the total cost should be sent to my email. iamgtgbanj@gmail.com

  14. I will like to buy this plan. Can I get an estimate? How can I buy, I don’t see any buy link. Can you email estimate, please?

  15. I like this building. Please what’s the estimated cost and I will like it to be 6 bedroom with laundry room and indoor game room. I’m very much interested. Email me on: chibuzornwachukwu2016@hotmail.com

  16. Please send cost estimate…Thanks. Send to: nenyezx@yahoo.com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Sir,
      Cost estimate will be sent to you. Thanks.

      • Please what’s the cost of this Building? And I I will like it to be 6 bedroom with laundry room and indoor game room. The floor it that green grass or rug? Please let me know the estimated cost. I’m very much interested.

        • nigerhouseplans

          Dear Mr.Chibuzo,
          Yes the building is contains 6 bedrooms.Your required spaces can be incorporated.Estimated cost will be sent to you. Thanks.

  17. I love this design, but instead of the 5 other rooms en suite, I would want a Media/cinema room and a small study/library. Could you please send me the current floor plan to give me an idea of the layout. Also, I don’t need a pool… would it still require 2 plots? and what is the build estimate?

  18. Hello there
    Can I get an estimate cost for the construction of this plan, REF: 6013.
    Which will help me decide either to buy the plan or another.
    Thank you.

  19. Can I get the construction estimate of this design

  20. Pls help send what it will cost to achieve this. Thanks. e-mail is elebefemi@yahoo.com

  21. Hiya!

    This is a really lovely design, please can I know the estimated cost of building and as well land size, I would love to customize though but let’s start with this.


  22. Hello Sir,
    I am interested in this plan- 6013. Pls email me with your details (estimated construction cost, the seize of land, plan layout, what is the time frame etc).

  23. Please let me know the cost estimate for this building. And i need the design as well. email is isaiahsosure@gmail.com

  24. Please let me know the cost estimate for this building email is elviselvis101@yahoo.com

  25. Please let me know the cost estimate for this building email is tarltondav1001@yahoo.com

  26. Hi, I am interested in this design for my house project. Kindly send me your email address to stewart.obis@gmail.com. Regards Stewart.

  27. Amazing please let me know how much it would cost to complete this project in ondo state thanks

    • Good day Mr.Ayoola,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The building will cost roughly 38 million Naira to build minus the pool.


  28. wow! I like this plan. please I would like to know how much it can cost me to buy this plae from u guys.

    • Good day Mr.Lucas. Price varies based on modifications you may like to make as discussed.To buy this is exact plan will be $950.You can convert to Zambian currency. Thanks.

  29. Good day, nice job. I really want to know the total width and depth of this plan and if possible, you can tell me what and what are inside the house is walk-in closet n so on. Thanks

    • Hi Rex.Thanks for the compliment. The overall length is 24 meters while the breadth is 16
      meters. The spaces are:
      Ground floor: Living,dining,kitchen,laundry store,gym,maid’s room,guest
      WC,classic stair
      Upper floor: Family room, Master bed with jacuzzi bath and walk in
      closet,5 other rooms en-suite and terraces.
      Kindly let me know if you have comments.

  30. Darlington Moore

    Wow! I’m in love with this plan and how much will it cost me to get the plan from u guy.. And also want to know the land size for the plan

    • Good day Mr.Darlington,
      Land size is roughly 2 plots.
      Price is variable depending on what modifications you need to make.


  31. I will like to know the seize of land and how much for plan of this house.

    • Good day Mr.John

      The size of the is roughly two plots.Plan can be modified to fit a lesser size.
      An email was sent to you.


  32. Hi! I want to now how much it will cost to design this building plan. Also if you are into building constructions. How much would it cost to build this and what is the time frame. how many plots of land is this expected to spend.

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