4 Bedroom Bungalow (Ref: 4012)


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  1. Hello Good morning’ Can the price shown for the plan on your website be negotiated? What is included in the plan? Does it come it come with /structural/architecture/electrical drawings etc.? Can you email me a view of these?

  2. Hi,

    I am only interested in the house plan without any modifications. Sure it includes the architecture drawings, structural drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings and so on?

  3. Good day, please if you don’t mind I would like a rough sketch of this plan and an estimate for the total construction and an assuming it is ensuite. Here’s my email nchigozie249@gmail.com I anticipate your response as soon as possible

  4. Ps how can i connect to the “buy plan” on the web.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thank you.

  5. Hello, please can I have the rough estimate to complete this buitiful building?

  6. Please, I love this house and would like to know how much this plan could cost and minimum land space required to build this and total cost building.

    • Dear Chidi, the land space required is a plot of 450 square meters (15×30 meters). The plan cost is on the store page which can be seen by clicking the buy plan button. Regards.

  7. Hi, may i know the rough estimate of building this

  8. Please may i know the estimate to achieve this beautiful house plan and also the price for the plan please email me at zmartranky@gmail.com

  9. Please what is the cost of this house plan. And I would like the main entrance to be change from right to left.

  10. Hi,
    I would like get a quotation of this house, but it will be five rooms, metrofile roof, conduit pipework and cables. Two master and three normal rooms.

  11. Hello Nigerianhouseplans,

    finally, I really like this 4 bedrooms bungalow house plan.
    I need though the following slight modifications:

    Can you add a guest WC to this plan and include a boys quarter with a guard house outside?
    Also, can you change the position of the entrance door from the right to left side?

    What would be the cost estimate now? Please provide also the cost for a modified plan. After purchasing the plan, would you be able to provide the list of materials: such as the number of blocks and type of blocks to achieve this project…etc

    Thank you for your prompt response and keep on the good work.

    • Dear Mr Ahmed,
      All adjustments can be made to meet your requirements. The cost estimate will be advised via email. The number of blocks are a standard part of the drawings but the full list of materials is ideally captured in the bill of quantities which are separate from the drawings. Thanks for the compliment. Regards.

  12. Good morning nigerian house plan. I’d like to know the cost estimation and duration for building this house. Thanks.

  13. How about getting a view of the floor plan only to see the layout of the rooms inside?

  14. What is the cost of the house plan?

  15. Hey can you email me ASAP nekpenosawaye@gmail.com I would love doing business with you I need to know how fast this can be built….


  17. good one , i will appreciate if you can send me the details including the plans , sketches etc for this 4 bedroom bungalow

  18. Good day, Could you please send me the plan & sketch of the design ?

  19. Good front view. Please, will the plan includes structural drawing, Detailed working drawing / architectural details, plumbing, electrical etc?

  20. Great plan. Please what is the rough estimate of building the house but 3bedroom with 1 or 2 master bedroom? Thanks.

  21. What is the rough cost for building this wonderful house?
    Also i need the full plan of the house

  22. Dear Shemayah,
    Layout sent.


  23. How about getting a view of the floor plan only to see the layout of the rooms inside?

  24. What’s the cost of getting this plan?

    • Dear Sammy,
      Cost of getting this plan without modifications is listed on the store page. You can see this by clicking on the buy plan button. Regards.

  25. Nice design! Please I need the details of this house including plan cost. Please mail to eg.henry@web.de

  26. How can i get the drawings?

    • nigerhouseplans

      Good day Madam,
      The drawings can be sent to you via email upon payment. If you need hard copies,they can be sent via courier wherever you are.We are currently working on an automated system where you can download the files immediately after payment.

  27. Beautiful house how can i get the plan?

    • Hi Helen,
      I think we communicated earlier in the day.Once you send an email with the payment details,drawings will be sent to you.


  28. Can i get the drawings?

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