5 Bedroom Duplex (Ref.5024)


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  1. Hi, the house plans you have are beautiful and elegant. Kindly email me the rough estimate to complete this house which include the all features and ready to move in and lastly how many plots of land will this house be sitting on for a perfect match

    • Hi Mr Emmanuel, thanks for the compliments. The plan will sit on a plot. Response regarding the cost has been mailed to you. Regards.

  2. Goodmorning, please what is the estimated cost for this building. thanks

  3. please what is the etimate cost for this building and also can u design 9 rooms with the same exterior?

  4. You have beautiful drawings.

    Does the size in your additional information mean the maximum space for the structure or land space.

    Also,will you be available to inspect the building while under construction to ensure that it complies with the drawings.
    Could you possibly provide estimate cost of construction to guide funding requirements.

    • Dear Mr Dipo, Thanks for the compliment.The size means the maximum space for the building.Yes,inspections can be done if you require.An estimate can be also be done.

  5. Please send me the estimate cost for this building and let me have your direct WhatsApp number. Urgent please

  6. Please, do send me the cost estimate for setting up the building and size of land. I will like the building to have bigger rooms and walking space.

    I look forward to your anticipated response

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Christopher, The minimum size of land required for this is one plot (100ftx50ft).
      Your requirements as stated can be incorporated to suit your needs.

  7. Please, how much does it cost to construct this duplex? I would really like to know. Thank you.

  8. Good day sir,can you please send me the estimate of this building and the size of land,do youguys travel to build?

    Email >diahprincess72@gmail.com

    • nigerhouseplans

      Dear Princess,
      Size of land required for this building is one plot.The estimate will be sent to you.
      Yes we build anywhere.

  9. Good day Sir .. please am still waiting for your reply.
    Thank you

  10. Greetings Sir,
    Please send me the estimated cost of this building, features and best size of land

  11. Hi, I like this house, however have a few questions;
    1) How much will it cost to add a BoQ and a security post
    2) is it possible to see the plan or know what the ground floor and first floor holds

    3) How long will it take to complete the house (possible 6months-12 months)
    4) Are modifications allowed eg have the masters and the other 3 bedroom upstairs and 1 bedroom ground floor
    5) Do you have builders who can also build and how much will that cost
    6) In all is your cost of plan and building negotiable

  12. Hi will it be possible for you to send me copy of the plan and estimate of the building in dollar and pounds?

  13. Please send me the Estimated cost of this house and let me know if i can get the drawing with dimesion

  14. 5 Bedroom Duplex (Ref.5024)

  15. Please send to me the rough cost of this and it features also the best size of land and features,advice also another choice of finishing paint.

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