This is how to set out a building accurately

The first step to take when constructing a building is setting out.

Setting out means drawing out the plan on the ground before digging. There are different methods but the cost common for residential buildings is the 3-4-5 profile method.

The tools you will need are pegs, nails, hammer, profile wood, shovel, measuring tape, ropes and the building plan.

Pegs are driven into the ground in order to hold the profile wood

The profile wood serves has a perimeter boundary where the ropes are ropes hooked and drawn. see more

How it works


1. Order of the building plan by payment on website or bank transfer (You may wish to be a premium member to view layouts prior to purchase or make the purchase otherwise). Viewing layouts can be done through
2. Receipt of project information such Survey plan, owner’s name and project location.
3. Issue of PDF all Architecture and Engineering drawings
4. Architecture and Structural Engineering drawings printed, sealed and signed.
5. Four hard copy sets sent through suitable courier service see more

Estimate cost here

Kindly use this method to estimate the various buildings on the website.

Building cost = Area x Rate

The rate is the cost to build per square meter

For bungalows, use NGN 160,000 per square meter

For duplexes, use NGN 190,000 per square meter

Please note that these rates may vary per time due to building materials price fluctuation.


The area is seen at the bottom of the post as in the image below: see more

What we do

Nigerianhouseplans offers you the underlisted services:

Ready made plan purchase

You may choose to buy any of our plans as listed on the website except custom designs whose code number start with “Custom”.

Plan modification

We can modify any of our plans to meet your requirements. In this case you choose a plan and give us a brief of changes you want. This comes at an additional cost to the base price cost. see more